The idea of creating a website to tell my family stories has been rolling around in my head for a couple of years now. First, was the idea of creating a YouTube channel where I could create and share short videos and record family stories as I came as I learned about their lives. The more I thought about the idea, the more I realized the magnitude of taking on such an endeavor.

As I searched for and explored other ideas and options to tell the stories of my family members, the little whispering kept coming to me, to just start. So that is what I’m doing, I’m starting. That little whispering, as I think about it reminds me of the movie Field of Dream where the voice says, “If You Build It, He Will Come.” Will my deceased and living family members come, that is the question.

The stories I will tell will come from my research, journals, books, family pedigrees, family group sheets, and the stories that have been told and given to me. I will include photos of individuals, and snapshots or records of documents I come across. There will be a page or two dedicated to photos of people with unknown names found in my grandmother’s belongings at her death. My hope for this page is that someone will recognize a photo and be able to tell me who they are so I can record their name and memory.

As I go on this quest, to discover my family, their stories, and histories, I hope that you will feel inspired to search out your family, their histories, stories, and share them so they are not forgotten to future generations. If you are so inspired, I would love to hear some of your family stories, they always encourage me to do more.

Now given the frailties of men, you will find errors and misspellings but that is to be expected as our ancestors had them so do I as a descendent of them. So if you come across one, just drop me a note and I will do my best to clean it up and fix it.